Worker AI—Let's Give Boring Work to AI

Worker AI is like ChatGPT but instead of answering questions—it works for you.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are going to dominate the AI space, giving people a powerful but closed AI—one that locks them in. Worker AI is an alternative for individuals and teams who don’t want to be locked in. It's open-source, modular, and free. It’s also user-friendly, quick to install, and easy to set up.

What it can do

How it works

Describe what you need, whether it's one-time tasks or tasks on a periodic basis. Worker AI will attempt to satisfy your needs using the tools and services it has access to. You have the ability to specify what Worker AI is and isn't allowed to do. It's likely that Worker AI will ask you follow-up questions and request permissions to use specific tools or perform actions.


You access Worker AI from a web browser using a simple UI. No need to install anything or use a console to interact with the AI.


Worker AI has access to various tools such as search engines, browsing capabilities, scheduling, communication platforms, etc. There's a library of tools you can set up Worker AI to use. It's also possible to create new tools according to your needs.

Language Models

Worker AI uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to reason about tasks, make decisions, and utilize tools to carry out useful work. The same language models that power ChatGPT, Braid, and Bing.


When you start using Worker AI, you create a workspace. This is where all the work Worker AI does or has done is kept. It builds up knowledge and has tools that Worker AI can use. Your workspace is your own—you can export all of the data whenever you want.


You and your team can join the same workspace and collaborate with Worker AI.


All of the major platforms will have their own AI assistants; however, these are likely to be proprietary and opaque. It would be highly beneficial to have a transparent (open-source), powerful but user-friendly alternative. That is why Worker AI exists. Worker AI is entirely open-source under MIT license. You can host your own Worker AI server for free.